"...the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Art is in the mind of the viewer and lives through its consumption. Creativity is innate to the human experience and I would not deny it to anyone willing to seek it. None of my projects of passion are behind any sort of paywall.

I want to contribute towards a world free from the tyranny of happenstance.


My passion for science-fiction and fantasy culminates here.

You can download all my passion projects in a variety of formats for free, no catches, no email signup necessary.


This is where I hope to encourage magnanimity through philosophical and scientific lenses.


I enjoy a lot of classical, jazz, and soundtracks (both video games and movies). Leadsheets are available for all compositions and transcriptions.


We all have one, this is my musings on working with the one bequeathed to me.

The rough behind-the-scenes of my journey learning to draw.

Whether it's me or another, consider one of the many ways — free and paid — to support online creators. Your support can empower the creative freedom of smaller creatives.

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